Studio Fontana

HOLD (2021–2023)


HOLD is an immersive theater show that combines the experience of a nightclub with a performative installation. In this space, makers and participants form a microcosm of society. Through short, sensitive and dazzling scenes, participants rehearse the metaphors we live by. By doing so, the project reinvents clubbing as a tool for social engagement, collective reflection, and debate.


Taking place in a party setting, participants dance, and make contact with each other, are confronted with our limits, whilst exploring our intentions, both towards ourselves and the other. We let our voices be heard, become aware of our habits and social interactions and dance with ease, pleasure and sometimes discomfort. In HOLD, everybody is an actor, everybody is a performer, everybody is rehearsing, everybody is holding it together.


With HOLD, clubbing takes on a social dimension, the implicit codes of party places are exposed, investigated, shared, to reveal the social dynamics that usually govern our spaces. We experiment with new ways of sharing our dances. The things we practice physically can become our skills mentally.

HOLD was developed in collaboration with Connor Schumacher (social choreographer & founder of ARK), Joana Cavaco (performer & community organiser for Black Pride, BLM, Contra and Slutwalk), Romy Rockx (founder of the Queer Gym and theatre maker), Deborah Sumter (doctor in circular economy & DJ at Ampfemminine collective) and Jeisson Drenth (media artist and diversity consultant).

Tour dates

8 June 2022
Try out, Theater Rotterdam (NL).

9 June 2022
Premiere, Theater Rotterdam (NL).

10 June 2022
Korzo, The Hagues (NL).

17 September 2022
Open session, Next Festival, Kortrijk (BE).

28 October 2022
Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch (NL).

4 November 2022
Theater Kikker, Utrecht (NL).

11 November 2022
Kortrijk (BE).

19 November 2022
De Kring, Roosendaal (NL).

29 November 2022
Theater aan de Rijn, Arnhem (NL).

30 November 2022
Theater aan de Rijn, Arnhem (NL).

03 December 2022
Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam (NL).

11 March 2023
Theater de Veste, Delft (NL).