Studio Fontana

Ch… Ch… Changes (2022)


Organized by the World Design Embassies, this conference, centered on the theme "Design as an Agent for Change," showcased the pivotal role of design in addressing contemporary challenges. The conference highlighted the power of design not just in shaping aesthetics but also in influencing societal and cultural dynamics.


Speakers from diverse design disciplines illustrated how design can offer innovative solutions to environmental, social, and political issues.

Key discussions focused on the ethical responsibilities of designers, stressing that while design has the power to drive positive change, it also comes with the obligation to consider the broader impact of design choices on society and the environment. The event served as a platform for designers, academics, and industry leaders to exchange ideas and inspire a more conscientious and impactful approach to design.

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The guest speakers included Floris Alkemade, former Chief Government Architect; Jetske van Oosten and Tabo Goudswaard, ambassadors of the WDE program; Christian Bason, director of the Danish Design Center; and Martijn Paulen, Director of the Dutch Design Foundation. Designers Boey Wang, Gabriel Fontana, and Jonas Martens were also featured, along with Dorine Baars, and Nadine Ridder serving as the moderator.