Studio Fontana

Collective Gardening Class (2022)


Collective Gardening Class is a two-day workshop designed for design master students to facilitate practice exchange, support, and collaboration. The workshop uses the concept of a garden as a metaphor, envisioning it as a nurturing space where participants can cultivate and enrich each other's research and practice.


The workshop addresses a common challenge faced by students: gaining perspective on their work and recognizing their unique strengths and skills. On the first day, the focus is on self-reflection, where students collectively explore what defines a practice, including the tools, methods, and attitudes they employ in their work. The second day involves applying their own practice to another person's topic, fostering a deeper understanding of their unique approach.


This process helps participants discern the differences between a practice and a research topic, and it culminates in an exchange of insights and new perspectives on each other's projects, symbolized as gifts. This approach not only enhances self-awareness among the students but also encourages a collaborative learning environment.

This workshop framework was inspired by an exercise conducted with Clara Balaguer at Sandberg Instituut in the Dirty Art Master Programme in 2020.


Collective Gardening Class #2
Design Academy Eindhoven (NL),
January 2023.

Collective Gardening Class #1
Design Academy Eindhoven (NL),
February 2023.