Studio Fontana

Design Emergency podcast (2023)


Welcome to Design Emergency, where the MoMA design curator Paola Antonelli and design critic Alice Rawsthorn introduce you to the inspiring and leaders designers whose success in tackling major societal challenges.


In this episode, Paola Antonelli speaks with designer Gabriel Fontana about his practice. By redesigning the idea of collaboration and competition, and promoting a healthier relationship with them, Gabriel aims to strengthen sport’s ability to influence society for the better.


Sports and society are deeply entangled. Practicing or following sports leads to occasions of socialization that can help shape better individuals, reinforce bonds, and overcome differences, and help bring to the surface many of the ills of society, offering the opportunity to address them and evolve collectively. Children get their first brush with the elation of successful team work and the searing wound of exclusion when they are in school.

➞ You can listen to the podcast here.