Studio Fontana

First, Then... Repeat. Workshop Scripts in Practice (2022)


First, Then… Repeat. Workshop Scripts in Practice” is a publication that assembles self-published workshop scripts that evolved in and around the collective ecosystem of Hackers & Designers. H&D is an Amsterdam based collective that aims to foster exchange, learning, and collaboration among a diverse international community of software and hardware developers, designers, artists, and researchers.


In their contribution to the book, Anja Groten and Gabriel Fontana discuss the importance of workshop manuals in their respective practices as designers and educators. Gabriel shares his experience of integrating these manuals into his work, particularly in workshops related to sport, physical education, and queer pedagogies, often using them as integral tools for structuring and guiding the workshop experience. Anja reflects on the personal significance of these documents in her work and the idea of them as highly contextual, rather than just instructional.


They explore the concept of these manuals as living documents that evolve with each workshop, contributing to the creation of a shared experience and functioning as a tool for both orientation and activation within the workshop space. The conversation delves into the varied uses and designs of these manuals, their role in creating a specific atmosphere for workshops, and their potential as pedagogical tools that go beyond mere instruction to encompass a more holistic, narrative-driven approach to learning and engagement.

Åbäke, Julia Bee, Loes Bogers, Naomi Chambers, Qianxun Chen, Gerko Egert, Petra Eros, Feminist Health Care Research Group, Feminist Search Tools Working Group, fanfare, André Fincato, Gabriel Fontana, Sarah Garcin, Erin Gatz, Anja Groten, James Bryan Graves, Giselle Jhunjhnuwala, Olivia Jaques, Nienke Huitenga-Broeren, Angela Jerardi, Pernilla Manjula Philip, Brian Massumi, Katherine Moriwaki, Mio Kojima, Heerko van der Kooij, Siwar Kraytem, Juliette Lizotte, Karl Moubarak, Hanna Müller, Luke Murphy, Santiago Pinyol, Susan Ploetz, Juli Reinartz, Sandy Richter, Alice Strete, Social Muscle Club, Workshop Project, Stefanie Wuschitz, Xin Xin.