Studio Fontana

Game Changers: Reshaping Society Through New Team Sports (2023)


During this talk at New York University Game Center, designer Gabriel Fontana explores the transformative power of game design. In this presentation, Fontana presents game design as a powerful tool for reshaping not only social interactions but also the societal structures within which they are embedded.


Fontana discusses how the unique blend of creativity and strategy in game design offers an innovative platform for simulating complex social dynamics. He illustrates how through role-playing and immersive storytelling, game design fosters empathy and understanding, allowing players to experience life from diverse social perspectives. This approach can lead to more inclusive and empathetic real-world interactions.


For that, Fontana highlights how the introduction of new sports games can serve as experimental grounds for alternative societal models. He explains how implementing different social norms within games allows players to experience these concepts in a risk-free environment, potentially inspiring real-world applications. This presentation offers a unique opportunity to understand the power of game design as an agent of change and its impact on society.