Studio Fontana

Manifestation Workshop (2021–2022)


A two day professionalisation workshop that explores - through psychic consultation, manifestation techniques, clairvoyance and activating powers - the potential of design master students’ future practice and postgraduate journeys.


Students nearing graduation can be overwhelmed by their future careers and prospects. Through taking this more playful, faery approach, these conversations and decisions become less daunting.


The workshop is divided into two parts: day one, what do I want? Day two: how to get it? Manifesting is about developing a vision for the future. It forces us to clarify our objectives and desires. The psychic consultation offers peer-guidance and prophecy, helping the students to better understand the potential of their design practice and the future contexts in which they could apply their powers. The second day provides practical knowledge about how to get funding, how to write project plans, tips for planning and managing budgets.

The workshop was given in 2021 and 2022 at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL) to the Social Design master students.