Studio Fontana

Mulitform Queering Sports and Conversation with Erin Gatz (2019)


During this conversation, researcher Erin Gats from Prototype Pittsburgh (US) and Gabriel Fontana, questioned and reinvented the socio-political role of sport in contemporary society.


If we look at history, we can see that sport has not really moved on since the first modern Olympic Games in 1894. Team sport games are ultimately still set within the old political regime of an age gone by. On the other hand, our society has experienced constant social change, revolution and evolution. This therefore prompts the question: why are we still playing the same games? And more importantly, how can we start to recondition our bodies through sports to overwrite the movements and gestures that serve to reproduce the outdated society?


By looking at the practice of sport from a queer and feminist perspective, Gabriel and Erin understand movement and performativity as the basis for questioning current social systems and normative logics.