Studio Fontana

Orient-Station (2018)


A game that reveals the unwritten rules of a space by combining sport rules with societal norms.


The players use the people walking through the train station as a ‘ball’, attempting to direct the ‘ball’ to the goal. Following a ‘foosball table’ logic, the players are only allowed to move from side to side on their invisible lines, whilst maintaining the same distance between one another.


The train station is a hyper-designed space in which movements and interactions are dominated by algorithms, schedules, security technologies, pre-defined routes and expected behaviour. A few minutes into the game, the players were accused by a policeman, (the referee) of not following the rules of the space (the train station). The players were asked to leave the train station. The act of creating a game space with game rules, that goes against the normal or expected behaviour within a public space, illustrates a conflict.