Studio Fontana

Playbook for Societal Complexity (2018)


This playbook deconstructs how sport operates as a power structure in contemporary Western societies and interrogates how the design of sport – composed of objects, clothing and space – orients the body towards specific ideologies, norms and values.


To challenge the dominant idea that the use of design within sports, can only be for aesthetic reasons or to improve existing athletic oriented objects. We must progress and use design to radically rethink the fundamental role of sport from a social perspective, and in turn, reimagine the values we want to promote both on and off the sports field.


Through a queer framework, the project assesses sport as a pratice which exerts forms of soft and hard control; which privileges and excludes certain social relations and reproduces conservative values. Through understanding sport as a coded system, this paper aims to open the possibility of rewriting its languages, codes and norms.