Studio Fontana

Spectacles of Sports (2022)


An evening presentation taking place at W139 Amsterdam, during Gabriel Fontana's show: Turning Towards Fluidity —Tournament of the Unknown.


The evening started with a conversation with researcher Nathanja van den Heuvel and Gabriel Fontana. During this talk, they unpacked their findings from the Multiform project and their collaborative research on sport and queer pedagogies. This was then followed by a live screening of the World Championship football match Iran vs USA. During the match, The Platform disrupted, mediated, and obscured the competition. They tuned out the football commentary and replaced it with a DJ set of two DJ’s doing a versus and playing back-to-back. Moody Mehran is an Iranian DJ and Claire Clover hails from the USA. During the DJ versus experience, there was a live augmented visual overlay on top of the World Cup match.