Studio Fontana

The Gym — Embassy of Inclusive Society (2023)


Gabriel Fontana was invited to provide art direction for the Embassy of Inclusive Society, which took place at the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week 2023.


Considering inclusivity as a process that requires constant practice and training, Gabriel proposed a spatial experiment in the form of a gym to train and strengthen our inclusivity muscles. In the Gym, visitors learned to think of new ways to be open-minded towards everyone. The conversation started with accessibility based on physical experience. Bodies are not "limited"; rather, it is our environment that is not designed for all bodies.


In this gallery, visitors found training proposals by various artists and designers. Some were quite practical, requiring physical action, while others demanded a different way of thinking: brain gymnastics, so to speak. There was also an intensive workshop program aimed at learning and unlearning from creators and communities who understand the challenges we face on our path toward a more inclusive and just society.

With contribution by (programme and exhibition): And The People, Common City, Greenery & Zeewaardig, Community Land Trust Nederland, Davy de Lepper, Eindje 0 Filter, Floor Hofman, Ink Social Design, Kexin Hao, Kaan Hicyilmaz, Mayomi Basnayaka & Nisala, Noam Youngrak Son Names, Reem Saleh & Jodie Bécard, Bureau Ruimtekoers, Séverine Kas & Lennard-Jan Reitsma, Yumna