Studio Fontana

Dissident Pedagogy (2019)


The symposium Dissident Pedagogy brought together artists and practitioners from the education field to interrogate the school as a site for the reproduction of unequal gendered power relations.


Research has shown that the spatial arrangement of school spaces - classroom, corridors, canteen, toilet, schoolyard and sports hall- play an important role in constructing identities and how children learn and reproduce gender norms.


By sharing dissident dreams and narratives, this symposium aims to explore and envision what a queer pedagogy could be. How could that help us to reimagine the construction of identities in the classroom and beyond? Which methods and tools can teach us how to deal with a more-than-binary experience of the world? What if a queer pedagogy puts into crisis what is known and how we come to know?

➞ Watch the talk here.