Studio Fontana

Gesture in Transit (2021–2022)

What kind of narratives are told in places of transit?


Gestures in Transit is a training that invites participants to deconstruct power dynamics found in public transportation.


To investigate particular histories of the body and examine how power is inscribed through gestures and voice.


It consists of a series of performative and collective exercises that move between action and reflection. The listening and movement exercises were developed on the basis of multiple, very personal interviews Gabriel and Vivien Tauchmann conducted with women(1) and members of marginalised groups prior about their experiences in buses or metro.

(1) The term women here includes any human who self-identifies as women.


Gestures in Transit #3
Rietveld Academy,
DesignLab 2, Amsterdam (NL), November 2021.

Gestures in Transit #2
Derdewal, Nijemegen (NL), September 2021.

Gestures in Transit #1
Design Master programme,
Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam (NL), February 2021.